Korg Prologue and Nonlinear Labs C15 dust covers

Posted by Daniel Paulo on

Just launched are three new dust covers.

Having had a Korg Minilogue XD for some time I was amazed at how much better a playing experience was had when hooked up to a 5 octave keyboard - in other words a Prologue.  This great synth comes in 4 octave, 8 voice or a 5 octave, 16 voice version and we have covers for both:


Also, a very intriguing synth, the Nonlinear Labs C15, it is very unconventional and geared towards playing - no sequencing or even MIDI!  Sonically very exciting with very good payment options to ease the purchasing from the makers.  We have a cover which is more interesting than the pictures (we are hoping to get some pics from a customer in Germany - ****we now have some pics thanks to Roberto Filippi), in that it has a shaped profile to fit reasonably closely.



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