Mixer Dust Covers

Here are dust covers for mixers.  Because the inputs are often placed on the top panel of a mixer we have created a few options: either (A) the rear flap can come forward or (B) the cover rises above the rear to allow space for cables to remain plugged in, and version (C) would be the same as the synth dust covers with the flap only at the rear.

When you order or enquire about a cover please let us know which version you require and the measurements as per the appropriate diagram.  

We've made covers for these mixers so far, please get in touch for further info if there isn't a listing for any of these, and also to enquire about covers we have yet to make...

Art Tubemix, Mackie 1402 VLZ4, Midas Venice 160, Soundcraft Studio 22 MTK, SSL Big Six, SSL X-Desk, Tascam Model 12,16 or 24, TLA Fat Track, Urei 1603, Yamaha MGP16X,  Yamaha MG12,  Allen and Heath Zed 436