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Links we like

Pages of links don't seem to be the 'done' thing these days.  Once upon a time all websites had to have a tedious and long list of links to sites that no human took any notice of, the whole idea being to get Google's robots to take note, see how popular you are and then place you nice and high up in their listings.

Anyway this list won't be very long and only features stuff we are directly involved with or like:

Daniel's paintings (danielpaulo.co.uk)

Daniel's music as The Leonid Falls (theleonidfalls.com)

AMS Stands - we support them and like their products a lot, they are very much a complement to our dust covers.

Daniel's 'other' business - D & A Mouldings Ltd - plastic moulders.

A gateway page to Annstweed - synthdustcovers.co.uk