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Thank you

Thank you to all our customers, and especially to those who sent us nice words such as these below:

Thank you for the invoice the cover (Moog One) came today what a superb cover I love it. Thanks for the service and love from the netherlands. :) (Dayle Hamers)

My Matrixbrute was looking a bit forlorn and dusty and playing a bit out of tune but thanks to it's new cover it's now playing Happy Days and looking as fresh as the day it was unboxed a few weeks ago. Nice work - well done ! (Stephen Mullett)

Loved this cover (Arturia Rackbrute 6U) …fits like a dream. Can you do me another ? (Kevin Crossley)

Very happy with the recent order of dust covers (Isla S2400, Novation Peak, Arturia Microfreak, Elektron Digitone/ Korg 700FS) - so much so, I’d like to commission one more for a Synthesiser that isn’t on your list. (Calum Walker)

Just to let you know the synth covers (Nord Lead A1, Iridium Keyboard) arrived yesterday and fit beautifully. Thank you again for providing these excellent products. (Tony Allgood)

I can't stress how completely overjoyed I am with the covers.  The (Korg) KP3 fits perfectly, and I love the Velcro corners which allow for cables to be left in whilst the cover is on.  Thank you again for producing quality covers, really, really happy!  I will certainly be recommending you to everyone I know who has music equipment/studio etc. (Chris Reed)

Just want to thank you for my Hydrasynth Deluxe cover, which is fantastic. (Scott Cammish)

I’m very pleased indeed, both with the fast delivery, and with the (Take 5) cover itself (David Stevenson)

Just received my order for the JP-8000 and D-50 dust covers. Love them, thanks! (Jim Reaper) 

The covers (Korg MicroX, Studiologic SL73) arrived… and they are both great – exactly what I was hoping for in every way. Massively appreciated. And so fast. (Jonathan Duffy)

Just wanted to say thanks for the great dustcover!(Moog Prodigy) Fits perfectly! (Greg Howson)

Thank you for your well functioning and built midi fader! It really makes a difference to have good faders when composing orchestral music. (Jacob Nicou)

Synth dust covers (Take 5, Hydrasynth) received … and my partner is very happy with them, thank you.  They’re very well made and fit well.  May well be back for more. (Jo Clark)

Just received my Sub 37 cover and just wanted to say thank you. Very happy with it, (Chris Reed)

Thanks for the covers (Waldorf Quantum, Sequential Pro 3 Standard, Soma Pulsar 3), are stunning!  ☺️ Will suggest your service to all my friends like I’m already doing it! (Marco Bruno)

Many thanks for the Maschine cover its come out very nice thank you. (Steve Garrikk)

Just to let you know that I've received my synth cover (Roland JD-XI) and it fits like a glove! 👍 Many thanks for all your help. (Michael Kimberley)

I just received one of your midi controllers its working great! Just wanted to tell you how good a job you did and thank you for putting it at an affordable price. The build quality is very good. (Rishi Parmar)

Received the items (Behringer Neutron, Model D, Virus TI). Absolutely beyond delighted and shall be ordering another one or two in due course. (Ian Meredith) 

Cover (Maschine Mk3) has arrived and fits perfectly, as you'll see in the picture. Excellent stuff! (Mark Owen)

Thanks for the cover received today for my Polybrute. It’s fantastic quality. (Brian Harris)

The orders (Yamaha MODX8, Korg Arp Odyssey Module) both turned up today and I'm very happy with all the covers. They look fantastic and it will mean I get a lot more use out of my gear. (Matthew Wood)

I've ordered 3 of your synth covers over a fairly recent period, and have to say, they really are great - superb fit and great to have the custom flaps and accommodation for the patch cables. I just thought I'd send a photo if you wanted to put it alongside the others you have on your site. I've attached it for you - Top left is the 3 semi modular moogs (Mother 32, DFAM, Subharmonicon), top right is a Moog Matriarch, and underneath that at the bottom is a Prophet 10. Thanks again for the quality products! (Max Elliott)

These just arrived (Juno 106, DSI Rev2) and they're fantastic. thanks so much! (Alexsandra Denton)

Thank you for the synth covers, they fit perfectly and I’m delighted with them, I have you a nice wee review on Facebook. (Neil McKenzie)

I just received the (Sequential Take 5) dust cover, and it's better than expected! What a great product. Thank you very much (Aminder Bahia)

Thank you for the cover for the Oberheim OB-X8 which fits perfectly. (Clive Aitkenhead) 

I bought some of your dust covers last year (Matrix Brute and Hydrasynth) and I'm so pleased with them. You do a great job! I love them, thank you. (Marvin Scherer)

Just to say thanks for the (Roland Boutique 2 Tier Rack) cover - a perfect fit! (Jamie Robson)

Just to let you know the (Jupiter 80) cover arrived this morning. The quality and the fit are brilliant, thank you. Great service indeed! (Dan Warrington)

The Mininova fits like a dream. (Simon Blakelock)

Everything is great...The Mixer,The Strymon,The Ventris.The OB6,The Prophet 6 and the Hydrasynth. Enclosed photos.....excellent...thank you. (John Birch)

Firstly, what a beautifully made cover! And the velcro flap for leads is marvellous! (Carl Hogarth)

 Just wanted to drop a line that they arrived though the post didn't
treat the package nicely lol. They're both immaculate and look quite stunning, and I love how thick they feel. I will gladly recommend you to friends. =-) (Matt Seil)

The cover is awesome, thank you! Now I don’t have to keep dusting the set up all the time :)  (Jered Sorkin)

I just got a synth cover from you for a vc340 it’s great! (Jered Sorkin)

Just wanted to let you know I received the synth cover and they are all great, excellent craftsmanship indeed. My synths enjoy them very much:-) And I am happy with my purchase. Thank you and will shop with you again when I need a new cover, that's for sure!  (Tomas Drtina)

The Hydrasynth Explorer cover you made fits perfectly - thanks!  (Paul Riddell)

Thanks again for making such great products! I bought a cover from you previously for my Moog trifecta (3 Tier Rack)and it's absolutely perfect. (Darin Evanow)

I received the (Korg Microstation) dust cover today! Thank you so much it fits perfectly!  (Jennifer Lynn) 

I received the (Roland Jupiter X) cover and it fits very nicely. The angles at the back where the velcro are, are placed just right. I'm very satisfied, thanks a lot ! (Frederic Merchadou)

Many thanks for the (Korg MS20 FS) cover, fits great and lovely quality.  (Stephen Pollard)

I have received the dust cover I had ordered for my Roland Jupiter X keyboard and it’s a perfect fit (see photo attached). Very please with it, thank you! (Christophe Bourgoiun)

Simply amazing. Guys, I'm really happy because this is exactly what I was looking for. I think I can't express properly what I think, because I'm impressed. I will recommend for sure. Thank you, you made my day! (Alex Oliver)

I purchased a Synth Dust Cover for my brand new and wonderful Moog Matriarch this week and the cover is gorgeous. I have never said that about any synth cover before that I have had in the past. So, just wanted to congratulate you on the quality of your work and ask if you have an affiliate program at all? Would love to promote your Synth Dust Covers on my YouTube channel. (Anthony Chilver)

My Deepmind 12 cover arrived today, and it’s beautiful. Thank you! (Paul Freshney) 

Recently received the Hydrasynth and Prophet covers.  Both arrived in excellent condition.  The fit and craftsmanship are beautiful.  Very happy with the purchase once again.  To date I have four covers that you made for me. Thanks again for the quality work.  I'll be in touch.  Your work is in a class of its own.  Fantastic. (Greg Loiacono)

Good news! The (Moog 2 Tier Rack) cover arrived today. It’s really nice, thank you very much. (Raymond DeJoode)

Just received my (Polybrute) cover, fits perfect and looks great. Very well made, thankyou very much. (Chris Parkinson)

I received this package yesterday and now I have three of your beautiful dust covers in my studio. They look great and the quality is really good, thank you. (Nicholas Clark) 

The cover I previously got for my Arturia midi controller keyboard has been excellent! (Mark Armstrong)

I have just received the modified dust cover. It fits my Moog synths (Two Tier Rack with Cable Organiser) perfectly, thank you very much! (Antoine Quesnel)

Thank you very much for the tweed pencil case and card which came with the Matrix 12 cover – much appreciated and thank you for all the covers you have made for me over the year which all fit perfectly. (Clive Aitkenhead) 

I really like your synth covers and I'd like to buy another one! (Kerry Beaumont)

Recently purchased a cover for a Novation Summit synthesizer.  I found the materials and craftsmanship to be outstanding.  You did an excellent job. Thank you for your help.  The quality of your work sets the bar for excellence.

...again, thank you for offering such a fine product, and for shipping so quickly.  The Summit Novation cover that I recently purchased from you is the finest cover I own.  In time I plan to protect all of my gear with your covers. (Greg Loiacono)

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the lovely covers you sent me. They fit perfectly, are really thick material and made to a very high standard. As soon as I unwrapped them, I could tell they will last for years without falling apart.  I particularly like the Behringer Poly D cover as it hinges in use - most of the time the unit is used in a propped up condition, so the cover is a practical fit for it. I now know where to go when I need a keyboard cover, thanks again! (Duncan Munro)

Many thanks for the Korg Trident Cover... love it!  :-) (Bob Comstock)

I've been meaning to get in touch with you for a while to let you know that I'm very happy with the purchase. The dust covers fit perfectly over the hardware and look very nice. Beautiful handcraft! When I get a chance, I will send you photos of your covers "in action".  (Silvan Steiner)

Thanks for the MatrixBrute and Peak covers.  Exactly what I was after, and they both work a treat! (Chris Marshall) 

I just wanted to say thank you for the (Novation Bass Station 1) cover, it is really great! (Roy Thompson)

I'd just like to say a big thank you. (Moog Rogue) Cover is perfect. (Robert Purdie)

I just received the cover, it looks great and fits Deepmind 6 perfectly! This is fantastic, thank you so much for your work (Michal Cielecki) 

Thanks I've recieved that now (Roland FP30X dust cover), looks great and fit perfect (Aqib Akhtar) 

The synth cover I ordered, a Deepmind 6, arrived this morning. Brilliant service. This is the 4th cover I have purchased from yourselves and, like the others, is excellent. I have, and will continue to do so, recommend your services to others. (John Milton)

Never got around to thanking you for the Wave 2 cover - fitted perfectly. I've ordered a korg Prologue 16 cover to go with it today. Noticed you hadn't got pictures of either synth with fitted covers on - I'll send you some of both synths so that you have something for the website. (Dan Broad)

Just like to say I received my cover for my Waldorf Quantum keyboard this morning and your quality of work is so brilliant I have just placed an order for some more of your covers for my other Waldorf equipment. (Neil Heron)

My MB (Matrixbrute) cover's arrived; when I ripped open the jiffy bag I thought it was sex clothing!  No such luck, but it was even more exciting ...it fits
well. Thanks. (Electronic Battle) 

Just to say the dust covers have arrived and, as usual, they are perfect (Simon Russell)

Roland JD-Xi photos for your site if you’d like to use them.  Fits like a glove, thank you for the custom order! I couldn’t be happier with the covers!  So glad I found your site! (Ken Simons)

You have made a number of covers for my synths and they all look great. (Kevin Crossley)

I'm excited to inform you that the covers arrived. It looks so elegant. I simply love them.... I love the covers at first sight, and I would like to thank you for manufacturing it for me. I am looking forward to getting another goodies from you, such as a tweed bag for my wife, or covers for my other synths. (Yakov Eisenthal).

I purchased a Roland Jupiter-Xm cover from you earlier this year and absolutely love it. I am writing to find out if you can make a cover for the Roland JD-Xi (another small 37-key synth) also with the velcro secured rear flap panel, that is a wonderful feature!  (Ken Simons) 

Just wanted to thank you for the cover. It arrived safely. I love it. Thank you.. (Shaun Pearce)

I am using several of your synth covers and I’m happy to report they work great!  (Chris May)

Just to say that the cover arrived this morning.  It fits perfectly and just to say thank you very much. (Clive Aitkenhead)

The piano cover just arrived, and I’m extremely pleased with it, thank you! (Mike Torr).

I've received the Pico Case dust cover and love it; I especially appreciate the velcro flap opening to accommodate the rear connections! (Tom Martin).

the Hydrasynth cover arrived today - it’s perfect! (Simon Russell) 

Just wanted to say a huge thanks - the Syntrx & Pedal table covers have arrived & they are perfect!!! (Simon Russell)

Yesterday I received three snazzy black vinyl covers for my Arturia Matrixbrute, ASM Hydrasynth and Waldorf Blofeld. They look utterly professional; they fit perfectly; the back flaps with velcro nicely accommodate all the jutting cables.  I'm very happy with them and shall recommend them to other synthesists whenever I get the opportunity. The dust motes are livid, though - they can no longer penetrate the panels they are pleased to pollute with their putrid presence. :-) (Rob Stuart)

Received, perfect fit thank you !!  I’ve ordered a third one from you for my TR-8S, very smart looking collection now :-) (Andy Bray)

The synth covers arrived this morning. They’re superb, thank you very much. I’ve already recommended you to my brother who also has a Hydrasynth keyboard. (Mark Russell)

I recently purchased a couple of synth covers from you - lovely quality and just the job !(David Gale)

Prologue 8 cover arrived (very quickly) great fit. Top service many thanks. (Gary Rainbow-Ockwell)

Hello from Tokyo, I just wanted to say your product is amazing.Thank you for the great work. (Michia Baba)

Iridium cover is great, perfect fit. I have just ordered for my prologue. (Gary Rainbow-Ockwell)

Thank you so much again for a wonderful quality cover, just received for my Arturia Keylab MkII.  It fits perfectly and the quality is first class as always. I wanted to share some photos of it with you, you can use these if you like on your website.   Many thanks again for providing these premium covers. (Simon Williams)

Just a mail, to let you know I receiver the 19 inch cover, I am very happy with the result. It fits perfectly. (Marco De Wind)

Let me just say that I really love your synth dust covers, I have steadily been adding them to the devices in my studio, (Mark Fitt)

I received my order today. The covers all fit perfectly and I am very happy with them. Many thanks! When I need more covers, I will order from you again. They are very nice. (Oliver Beddows)

Wow the cover for my MPC Live is a Beauty and a great fit thank you. (Trevor Prinn)

The Microkorg dust cover has arrived and fits perfectly. Many thanks for sorting this so quickly! (Mark Herdman)

Cover arrived yesterday for the Roland Juno-6. Fantastic job, thank you both, it's exactly what's needed for the old analogue kit. (Rob Lane)

I want to let you know that the cover arrived and it's fits perfectly. The velcro flaps at the back also allow wires to remain connected!  I'll drop a picture to you when the proper stand arrives. Many thanks and I will recommend you guys to others.  (Mark Owen)

I just received the dust cover for the Behringer Poly D. Just to say it's perfect. Excellent work! (Colin Broom)

I was just given a synth cover as a gift for my korg minilogue synth
and it looks and feels great! (Sam Xiberras)

Cover received, thank you. It’s a excellent fit and hopefully will help the Pro-one survive another 37 years of my abuse! (Noel Allen)

I just wanted to say that I received my order and to tell you that I am very impressed with the synth covers! They look and feel great.  I will be in touch soon for 3 others and more to follow hopefully (future synth acquisitions).(James Goodwin)

I am very impressed with your products, I ordered a cover for my Moog Matriarch last March and love it. Keeps my beautiful synth beautiful ! :) (Peter Toll).

Thanks for the dust covers for my Juno 60 and Arp Axxe. Very good quality and professionally made. (Adam Day)

Having just taken delivery of your vinyl covers for my Moog Matriarch and Roland System-8 synths, can I just say how delighted I am with these items. These are first rate products which I would recommend to anybody. (Danny Farrimond).

Just a quick line to say my order arrived today. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort in getting these right.The quality of the covers and the edging/stitching really is lovely.(Andrew Lorenzini)

Last week my husband ordered 1 of your Isabel tote bags for me & it arrived this morning, beautifully packed & smelling wonderful from the delightful little lavender bag tucked away inside. It's exactly as shown on your site but what has impressed me most is how exquisitely well-made it is! At first, I thought that 8 pounds for the addition of a zip was steep but having seen the quality of the zip & the perfect way in which it's inserted I think it's worth every penny. The quality of the lining fabric & the sweet little purse attached inside are key features. I can't emphasise enough the superb quality of every part of this unique bag. Finally, may I check that we have paid enough for p&p to Spain, please? It appears to have cost 11.55 but you only charged us 8 pounds. Please tell us if we owe you the difference - our aim was to support a noble home industry, not to detract from your profits! Thank you VERY much for such excellent service & such a high-quality product. I shall be proud to use it.... (Diana Stokoe)

The cover arrived this morning and it's a great fit.  The fit is "relaxed", which is really sensible, thanks.  It doesn't cause any problems with the usb cable, which can stay in place without having to release the velcro flap. The only downside is that my wife has spotted the tweed bags!  Oh dear, I expect to be in touch, again, in the near future. I'll also pass your details to my amateur radio friends.  There are other companies that make covers for specific equipment, but you can make any custom cover. Many thanks for a great service, (John Stokoe) 

I received my Moog Matriarch cover today and I am very pleased. It is excellent. Thank you and be well. (Nicholas Columbo)

Just to let you know the cover arrived today safely. My Grandmother arrived today also, so good timing. Really nice quality, thanks very much! (Steve Malpass)

Just got my Summit cover from you guys. Just wanted to say, it's perfect. Thank you so much :) (Eleanor Gidman)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for such great service. The turnaround time considering this was custom made, the quality of the work and even the speedy delivery was exceptional. Sadly, it's not often you see service like this anymore and it was a refreshing change. Anyway, thanks again it's made my day. (Darren Palmer)

Just received the new dust cover for my Roland VP-330. Perfect fit! Should mean less cleaning in future and help preserve it. (Alisdair Corrigall)

I just got my synth covers and I really like them. They fit perfect. You´ve done a really good job! (Robert Tjäderkvist)

Cover for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2 (that’s a catchy name!) just arrived - delighted again. Perfect fit!! (Simon Weeks)