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Eurorack Attenuator Module just launched

Posted by Daniel Paulo on

Eurorack Attenuator Module

This is just a little experiment really, but some people may find it useful. 

Having chunky fingers does not endear me to Eurorack, though I do think it's a brilliant way to create a truly personalised piece of synth hardware.  My own rack is very basic: Mutable Plaits, a Takaab triple LFO module, a Vermona MeloDicer and a Toppobrillo Quantimator (which I've barely used).  It's my beloved Matriarch which has been doing Attenuator duties previously and they are handy modules, even a small rig like mine wants 3 or 4 of them.

Liam and I talked a lot about the idea of a long single slider (65mm throw) module to allow for closer control which is much more 'playable' than a tiny knob.  Here it is, then:


This is a totally passive module, the input is Grey, output is Black

If there is interest in this, I'm sure Liam would be prepared to come up with multiple sliders in one module, we shall see.


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