About Daniel

I have always been creatively minded.  As a young teenager I had ambitious notions concerning moviemaking.  At 19 I found a more realistic outlet for my artistic impulses; after seeing the film "Lust for Life", about Vincent Van Gogh I began painting, and six years later graduated with a degree in Fine Art.  Much of the 1990s was spent painting full time, inspired by the landscapes of the limestone Dales and also religious imagery, this was tempered over time, and since 2009 I have run a plastic moulding manufacturing company - so the energies required to paint seriously have been diverted for better or for worse.  

Since my late teens I have also made music, at first with very crude technology and eventually with a PC and some quite nice gear.  Music, to this day, remains a very important outlet, which I regard as a way of expressing my artistic needs as well as a spiritual force - together with my love of mountain walking (and Ann, of course), these things are my therapy and make life good.

My music (loads of it!) can be heard here.  And paintings can be seen here .

As far as Ann's Tweed is concerned, I regard my self as the technician having spent much time assembling two Hattersley Domestic looms and providing the infrastructure for Ann to make the lovely tweed that rolls off these machines.

I am a big fan of synthesizers, my current setup includes:

Moog Matriarch, Arturia Microfreak, Korg MicroPreset, Korg Poly800 Mk2, Dreadbox Nyx 2, Moog Subharmonicon and a new Korg Minikorg 700FS on the way!  Korg SQ1 sequencers, Analogue Solutions Generator sequencer, Arturia Keystep, and a few eurorack modules (including Mutable's Plaits). It all goes into Renoise, which, though technically not a 'proper' DAW, does everything I need.

Also a Korg SQ64 is coming soon, I like to have a lot of sequencers! This line up of gear changes over time and some of the above gear will be sold to pay for the new Korg - but not the Matriarch!!