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We are selling one of our Hattersley Looms

Posted by Ann Cruickshanks on

Due to lack of use, we are selling our second Hattersley Domestic Loom (mark 1), with 2 shuttles and 30 pirns.  It's in great condition, fully refurbished by us.  There is a rough warp on the machine which we put on when it was first assembled and haven't used since.  

Every part of this machine has been made good, some wood and all the leather has been replaced.  It's good for many years to come.

We are looking for £2500 for this and if you are interested please get in touch.


  • Hi Charlene,
    Yes, the Loom sold last year. We did convert that loom from motorised back to manual. Your best bet for information would be to get hold of the manual for the Tweed course that was run on Harris – it’s called “A Handbook for Weavers in the Harris Tweed Industry”. I’m pretty sure that PDFs of this are available on the Hattersley Loom Facebook group.
    It contains a comprehensive description on how to build and use the loom.

    Daniel Paulo on

  • Hello; I was just wondering whether you have sold your Hattersley (I see that this AD is dated Feb. 2022) I have corresponded before I think, (although I cannot locate the email) You had/have two Hattersleys? Was one Hattersley motorized? I’m restoring a Mk1 Hattersley – having dismantled the entire loom, sanded, stripped and am ready to have the parts powder coated before reassembling. I have a number of pieces broken and have a metal artist helping to reconstruct. I have the parts list and the drawing sheets of the pieces but am challenged with what I think to be an insufficient level of knowledge. Thanks for any feedback – Charlene (The Barn on Pender) Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada. https://www.instagram.com/thebarnonpender/

    Charlene Thompson on

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