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NEW!!! MIDI Controllers!

Posted by Daniel Paulo on

We have a whole new range of products for musicians. They are MIDI Controllers and come in a variety of combinations:

  • 1 Fader + 1 Knob
  • 2 Faders
  • 3 Faders
  • 6 Faders + 2 Knobs
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    There's quite possibly more combinations to come.  These lovely devices have come from Liam Robinson, who is Ann's son.  He has been working on electronic devices for a few years. at first modifying X-Box and Playstation controllers but more recently developing these MIDI Controllers. Now he has a super-duper CNC machine for cutting all the slots and holes he is ready to release these in to the world.

    All devices have a LED display, with 5 presets and are fully programmable as follows: CC Number, Channel Number, Slider/Knob Range Hi and Low.

    Theoretically they should work with any software or hardware that uses MIDI CCs, and so far have been used with various synthesizers, Renoise, Ableton and FL Studio.


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