We are now IOSS registered meaning we deal with VAT and customs for EU customers (up to 150 Euro) and your purchases will be delivered quickly with no extra fees.

IOSS: Better Sales Experience for EU Customers

Posted by Daniel Paulo on

Before Brexit it was a breeze selling from UK to the EU, and after Brexit... it wasn't.  Delivery times extended hugely as items got stuck in customs and then the recipient had to pay import tax and an 'admin' fee to receive their goods. 

We have been disliking this ever since it started and have at last taken action by signing up to IOSS (Import One Stop Shop).   This means that VAT is charged at your country's rate at checkout, and then the item is delivered quickly without being held up at customs and without the dreaded 'admin fee'.

Apart from the fact that VAT is charged, we think that all other aspects of this are an improvement and we hope you will think so too.

This change only applies to our friends in the EU, elsewhere in the world the usual local customs rules apply.


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