Lots of new covers available!

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We have a few hundred dust covers available now, but the synth universe seems to be ever expanding.  Here is a list of newly added covers just in the last few weeks:

Yamaha Montage 8X

Korg Kronos 73 Mk2

Behringer UB-Xa

Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4

Ketron EventX

Korg M1

Roland TR707

Roland TR626

Behringer RD9

Dreadbox Erebus V3

Vermona Perfourmer

Roland MSQ700

We've also added an optional, fully openable, back for the Moog 2, 3 and 4 tier rack covers. 

These covers have all happened due to enquiries from customers, so if you have a dust cover need that is not fulfilled on our website please get in touch!

As always we can also make covers for 'other' stuff - reel to reel recorders, turntables, monitor speakers, printers, portastudios, eurorack cases.  I'm sure there's plenty more I've forgotten about...

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